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The Violet Flame in a New Light



How does the higher frequencies, such as the violet flame work, when two different vibrational waves meet? According to physics they continue on unchanged after meeting and combining their waves. How would the higher frequency sound wave of decrees or the Master's vibration make a difference if after they meet the two waves continue on unchanged?


The answer lies in the antinodes* of a standing wave. Light is vibration, and vibration creates, sustains or destroys physical matter. Within matter are levels of vibration from man's free will choice to requalify the Mater Light with energies out of the mental and emotional bodies within the individual evolving or as is sometimes the case, devolving soul. That light, whether negatively or positively charged, will accrue to the individual. If the light is not positively charged that light will form a dense level of negatively charged energies around the physical form at the astral level. These negatively charged energies will burden the soul and draw to the individual more energies of the same vibration. That is why I taught my disciples, "If the Light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matt. 6:23).

I also taught them how to invoke the light through prayer, as well as how to pray and where.** They learned how to protect themselves, pray for their brothers and sisters, and call forth the judgment on the fallen ones and their ungodliness. But they did not have the violet flame dispensation that you received in this age from the heart of Saint Germain. What the violet light, known as the violet flame in spiritual circles, has is a magical quality that carries the vibration of freedom. On the physical level the color violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. The violet flame has the power to enter the physical realm and release the negative energies that are trapped in time and space. It is a violet transmuting flame. I would share with you that the violet flame is not the only flame that will transmute past error.

You are co-creators, which means that you take the energies of God and you place your energies in the world while interacting with energies that are already there. Everything in Matter is constantly vibrating, even what appears to be solid matter. Everything is made up of the building blocks of atomic particles. Matter has many forms, with some forms that are changed permanently creating an entirely new system by forming a new atomic structure. As certain vibrational materials combine, there is an exchange of energies to create other forms at the nuclear level, causing atoms to lose or gain particles, as the molecules of one substance break apart and join together with those of another.

All energy IS
Another change of form is the transformation of matter from one phase [i.e. liquids to gas or solids] to another. What usually precipitates change from one phase to another is temperature or pressure change. When heat is applied to a particular system, the elements within the system become more active and can move into a different phase. The important thing to realize is that you cannot create energy. All energy IS. You can only combine energies and recreate with the energy of IS.

In God, the highest form of duality is God ISIS. God vibrating in pure Being, ISIS. Thus, the picture of your true Self in God is to realize this highest state of ISIS through free will choices. Those of a scientific materialistic mentality only realize, see and sometimes accept the energies of IS, and often lack the direct inner experience of God. Everything to them just IS. That is the state the materialistic scientists live in and promote as their philosophy. They are godless without flow and Being ISIS.

Atheists, as well as many new age thinkers, believe that the physical realm is a laboratory to experiment with form and do anything you like within it. They believe there is no constant, that is, a standard of right and wrong that a Supreme Being established before the world began. Some believe that matter just happened to mix together and through an evolutionary process created higher and higher lifeforms. Their god is the mind, believing their power lies in using their mind to control themselves and others, if they could. But the only way to control others is to disconnect other people from Reality and their inner connection to Being ISIS. Thus, the world is a battle ground of sorts, where people are vying for control of themselves and/or others. Some of this vying appears physically in actual wars between people and nations. While the majority of the vying is unseen, playing out in the mental and emotional body of the planet.

The Astral Plane
All emotional negativity gathers together and forms a grid of anti-reality called the "astral" plane. This plane vibrates the closest to the physical realm, but lower, and thus people in embodiment can move in and out of the astral realm while still living in the physical if they choose lower and lower lifestyles. Wherever the emotions sink into selfishness, greed, lust, envy, pride and hate, that negativity draws to the individual producing those negative emotions all other like vibrations, including the mass conglomerate of negative energies in the astral plane. That is why you can walk into a nightclub or rock concert and feel like you are completely in another world. Almost everything in those types of places vibrates at the astral level because those who frequent those activities also vibrate of the astral in their emotional bodies. Since the astral is unreal, these individuals also vibrate of unreality.

There are 33 levels of the astral plane, the lowest being the lowest of hell where no light can penetrate whatsoever. Light itself has levels of frequency, with the white light being the highest. The highest light is outside the physical plane, also having 33 levels in what is called the etheric plane [aka heaven]. The frequency of light that is just between the physical and the lower etheric is the violet light. Thus the violet light is the transitioning light between heaven and earth. Looking at this picture you can easily see that choices either take you lower into the 33 astral levels, or higher and higher into the 33 levels of heaven—while still in the physical. If you choose to engage and reside in the mind, you can easily go down in vibration into the astral levels. If you choose to reside in the heart, you can easily experience higher and higher levels of vibration of light far beyond the physical realm, while yet having a physical body.

Upon the death of the body you easily gravitate to the vibrational level of hell or heaven, depending on how you lived your physical life. Many who have died and returned to life [having near-death experiences] have gone to hell and have returned to describe unspeakable horrors. Likewise, many have gone to heaven and returned, attempting to describe the indescribable, for the beauty and love they experience bear little resemblance to the vibration of beauty and love on earth.

Anti-Being Energies
Those of the mind think they can transcend any of their experiences in the physical simply by using mind-control. They even believe they can escape any karmic accountability for the misuse of light in harming other parts of life. They believe when their bodies die that they will either cease to exist or some part of themselves – their minds – will continue on in another state of consciousness, uninhibited by the physical body and limitations. Some believe they will go back into nothingness, keeping no separate sense of identity or individuality. The idea for them is that you are here to experiment with energies, but your real identity, the highest vibration of who you really are, is untouched by whatever you do here below.

While there is an element of truth in that belief, your Higher Being is locked up in whatever you do with its energies. You are either qualifying the Light of ISIS with Being or anti-Being. If you qualify the Light with anti-Being, that energy is combined with other anti-Being energies and your Higher Being cannot be free until you, in the physical, remake your choices and free that energy. Remember, you cannot create your own energy. You can only use the energy you are given from ISIS through your Higher Being, and raise it up through free will choices to the higher etheric levels, or misqualify those energies and trap them in the physical and astral planes.

Some individuals have chosen not only to continually misqualify their energies given to them of ISIS, but after they run out of their own energies they find ways to steal the energies from others. All manner of dark forces from within the astral plane, as well as astral places in the earth, attempt to draw individuals into misqualifying their energies, and thereby release light from their four lower bodies, thereby supplying all the energy necessary for all manner of dark forces to perpetuate themselves. Everyone coming into embodiment experiences the dark forces and other individuals attempting to steal their light by getting them to willingly, or forcibly release their energies.

A child has little defenses to protect themselves from dark forces. It is up to parents and caregivers to protect them, the holy innocent. Laws are established to protect not only the innocent, the children and handicapped who are dependent on others, but also well-functioning adults. Everyone is constantly bombarded with choices from a very early age. By denying truth, withholding information, or using misinformation, the godless can get individuals to make choices that either harm themselves or inadvertently harm others, such as having an abortion. Through the Ascended Masters' teachings, we support giving everyone an opportunity to experience life in the physical plane for two purposes.

Awareness of God ISIS
All who came out of ISIS, choosing to Be all that IS, came to Be More. Through Being you are endowed with individuality in the form of an I AM Presence and unique God flame, formed in the image and likeness of the Godhead. Your purpose is to grow into More and to bring More wherever you are. The greatest challenge for the God Being is to go onto physical matter and Be More, because you must experience a sense of separation from I AM. It is an illusion, but a necessary one, in order to precipitate experiencing different parts of God. First you separate out into masculine and feminine beings, and then experience the role of either being a father or a mother. In this way you experience parts of God that give you an in-depth awareness of all God ISIS.

Co-creators can only know IS from existing in the heaven world because everything and everything in Spirit is One. Much like a hologram, while in heaven, you experience yourself as a separate being but a part of the whole. To know ISIS through Being you must experience Being Father, Being Mother, and the flow between them.

In the physical realm ISIS is experienced through the Mother, on a macrocosmic level. To be Mother ISIS in the physical realm, you must elect to Be Father, choosing to embody the Father's Laws through Being Mother nurturing Father's Laws. On the microcosmic level, the experience of being in masculine or feminine form, or being a father or mother, gives you the opportunity to know yourself as one or the other, and then choose, through free will to be the other. In other words, if you are in masculine form, and in addition experience being a father, you are physically masculine and physically a father. The choice for you is will you incorporate into your individuality, the feminine attributes of gratitude, forgiveness, justice and the desire to see Mother in oneness with the Father aspect of your fatherhood?

If you who are in feminine form, and experience motherhood, will you incorporate into your individuality the will to be obedient to Father's Laws, accepting his wisdom is different from your own and learn how to be both the masculine and feminine wisdom through Being, and master Father's Power through Divine Love through controlling your vision? In order to manifest and create in the physical world you must use vision. You must see what you want to create before you create it. When you accept the images of the fallen angels and the godless, nothing you create will be in harmony with God Vision. All that is created through the misuse of the third eye vision will rapidly disintegrate and be no More.

Without Vision the People Perish
Remember, the goal of life is to Be More and anchor More into the physical realm. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Prov. 29:18). Without vision, the people perish, because they base their vision on wishful thinking instead of the feminine vision through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Because the physical realm is also the body of the Mother – Mater Light – the astral false counterpart of Mater has become a part of the Mother. The body of Mother is polluted with impurities. If you contributed in any way to this pollution, even if you balance all of your karma and ascend out from the pollution into the higher realms, your energies are still tied to Mater through the misuse of even your good thoughts and deeds, when someone takes your goodwill to perpetuate a false belief. Thus, the Ascended Masters are not free of the physical – and the people – until their light is cut free and requalified by the Light of the violet flame.

In order to help the inhabitants of earth free themselves from their physical ties so that they may ascend, we release Light into the earth and her people. This is a great gift and sacrifice on the part of the heavenly hierarch, for we know that many will never be free of the earth and her people until their light is eventually returned to them purified by the violet fire. You can see that you have a great responsibility living in the earth to not only help yourself, but each other and the Ascended Masters.

Your first and greatest responsibility is to not misqualify your personal energies, and any light you receive from heaven. While you are learning how to qualify your four lower bodies with the right use of Light, we, the Ascended Masters, may assist you with increments of Light given to you through dispensations, releases of dictations, and the use of the powerful engrams of Light in prayers and decrees. Each decree that is released to you from us is a powerful mandala of light that can assist you to transmute your past by reinforcing the right use of energies.

There are real decrees and there are imitations. Those decrees that are real will have the power to connect you to your heart. Those that are imitations will connect you only through the mind. Those in the mind will easily falsify their experiences giving imitation decree matrices, claiming high experiences. Their attempts to convince others that they are so pure and holy for using these imitation matrices drives them to lie and falsify anything. Some of them believe their lies told to others so much that they are very convincing to the uninitiated, who believe most everything they hear. That is why it is important that you learn not to base your judgment only on what you see and hear, but to "try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world" (I John 4:1).

Using Christ discernment is very necessary to discern the spirits, whether they be of God or not. I have said, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven" (Matt. 7:21). As you raise your consciousness and stay clear of the astral that is in and out of this world, you will simultaneously learn better discernment. Both go hand-in-hand, for you cannot do one without the other. Sometimes you are called to have to separate out from your friends and family because they choose to abide in the astral and astral substances and you cannot be free of the astral until you physically separate out from those who will not let the astral go. That is why we are admonished several times to "Come apart, then, in the joy of the LORD to be that separate people elect unto God".

The Antinodes and Standing Waves
Returning to the antinodes of energy waves, within a standing wave resonating at a certain vibration you will see that the wave appears to stand still. But in between its appearance of not going anywhere there are regions where the disturbance of the wave is quite small, almost zero. These locations are called nodes. There are also regions where the disturbance is quite intense, greater than anywhere else in the medium, and they are called antinodes. [A standing wave results when two sine waves (smooth repetitive oscillations like a vibrating string) vibrate at the same frequency while moving in opposite directions in the same space causing interference with each other, creating a harmonious disturbance.]

When you recite a decree, you are attempting to create a standing wave within your four lower bodies. The prayer is repeated either within your mind or within your heart, the choice is yours. You can recite prayers without using your physical voice and throat chakra, but if you do, you will also create a traveling wave, which will have a different effect on matter. But at the same time you recite a prayer using the throat chakra, you have six other chakras that can be incorporated into that energy movement. When you elect to use your heart chakra, from within the stillness of the heart, there you may experience the standing wave and the power of the antinodes.

Sometimes you may try connecting to the heart mentally, and eventually you may get there, while at other times it is the power of will, with the desire of Divine Love, that instantly takes you into the heart chakra, and within the heart to the secret chamber. By the power of God's Will and Divine Love, you enter the heart chakra and through Being you recite the prayer or decree. When giving the matrix of words that is encoded with our vibration, you instantly create a standing wave. If you choose to recite the prayer or decree several times, you can maintain that resonance for an extended period of time.

At the same time, there are negative energies that have adhered to your forcefield that you have created through the wrong use of free will. When the decree or prayer created by us is given through the heart chakra, whether through thought or spoken out loud, the antinodes of the standing wave will come in contact with the misqualified energies you have created in your four lower bodies. You become similar to a musical instrument creating sounds through vibration, but in the container of your Being. You form sound – and even music if the sounds are harmonious – through the sine wave of your Being.

Standing waves can form continuously in the secret chamber of your heart when you resonate consciously and subconsciously with your I AM Presence. The musical instrument of vibration within the heart chamber is creating notes whether you know it or not. Whether you are creating harmony or inharmony in your vibration depends on the harmony of your decisions with God's Will.

Through free will choices you begin to resonate with other notes of the same frequency. Some of those notes that are very inharmonious together, create discordant vibrations which go out and disrupt the harmony of others, overriding another's free will. Prayers form a shield of protection around your secret chamber of the heart music that is resonating from your true Being. Eventually, the sine wave of your Being can totally resonate with I AM THAT I AM. Your lower will has become one with God's Will.

Eventually you become harmonious within the stillness of your heart where you are the prayer and in oneness with one or many of us, depending on your heart's resonance. Divine Love resonates a prayer different from the resonance of thoughts of violence. Through Being, the righteous are creating a greater heart music that is continuous song, even having the same frequency that resonates with heavenly Beings, thereby bringing a Master to earth through their heart connection.

God is a shield of protection around you creating the antinodes of the standing wave with I AM THAT I AM. When you recite a decree you are forming a shield of protection through the standing wave of the Master's frequency. Through the power of the antinodes constructive interference there is a disruption of your prior negative expressions. Through the perfect crests of the antinodes the disruptive energies are freed of their imperfections and returned back to the secret chamber of your heart. Everything discordant that you made through you free-will with accepting "I am a law unto myself" and "I will be who I will be" returns back to the Light.

High above and between the discordant waves expressing this false ideal of "I will be who I will be" are the prayers and even the music of the individuals Master you are resonating with. We, the Ascended Beings, can then bring the kingdom of God into the physical realm right where you are. When you are turned around from creating discordant vibrations, all your prior prayers given through the heart through love, will release the frequency of a continuous standing wave. You have become a being of violet fire, transmuting and raising up negative energies wherever you walk. The single will being the incarnating Higher Will will bring the judgment upon false teachers taking the Word of God and weaving the Word with the lies of Antichrist. When the many walk as the violet fire, then you will start to see you have returned your world to the higher right and Will to Be.



*The antinodes are points between two nodes where the crests of the original and reflected waves combine in complete constructive interference. Constructive interference is when the crest of one wave passes through, or is superpositioned upon, the crest of another wave. After this interference, they simply appear to pass on from each other in the same wave frequency as before they interacted.

**"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him" (Matt. 6:5-8).